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The Intimate Couple
by Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD, and Beverly Kitaen Morse, PhD

Price: $29.95

Price on this product includes shipping (domestic). Most sexual problems arise from issues other than physical limitations. Every psychological issue that is troubling a relationship will be acted out in lovemaking in one way or another.

Body, Self & Soul: Sustaining Integration
by Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD; with Marjorie L. Rand, PhD, and Diane Assay

Price: $23.95

Price on this product includes shipping. A broad spectrum of ancient Eastern and modern Western approaches to psychotherapy and human evolution are united in this exciting new implementation model for psychotherapy. This superior integration of various therapeutic disciplines is ideal for the development of a holistic and integrated body-mind approach to psychotherapy.

"I'll Never Do to My Kids What My Parents Did to Me!" A Guide to Conscious Parenting
by Thomas Paris, PhD, and Eileen Paris, PhD

Price: $18.95 (SOLD OUT)

"I'll Never Do to My Kids What My Parents Did To Me!" A Guide to Conscious Parenting teaches parents how to interrupt negative family relationship patterns, and raise kids with a healthy sense of self.

Beyond the Food Game: A Spiritual & Psychological Approach to Healing Emotional Eating
by Jane E. Latimer (Author of Living Binge-Free)

Price: $19.95 (SOLD OUT)

A book that links the body to emotional eating. A very powerful experiential approach to understanding eating disorder recovery.

JACK LEE ROSENBERG: Celebrating a Master Psychotherapist
edited by Theodor Itten and Markus Fischer

Price: $26.00

An anniversary publication celebrating a master psychotherapist, Jack Lee Rosenberg, on his 70th Birthday.

Total Orgasm (unbound pamphlet)
by Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD

Price: Call for pricing

An unbound pamphlet copy of Jack Lee Rosenberg's energetic approach to realizing the full potential of human sexuality.

Practice Materials

IBP Arena Cushions

Price: $200.00 (SOLD OUT)

Custom designed for visual aid for teaching the four psychological arenas. Sale restricted to Certified IBP Practitioners.

IBP Charge/Release Poster

Price: Call for pricing

Ilustrates the charge and release pattern of energy.

Leather Journal Cover

Price: Call for pricing

Keep your journal private with this rich leather cover

Blank Journal

Price: Call for pricing

Essential tool for doing Steps out of Fragmentation

Elastic Velcro Strap
An essential support for exhausting the pelvic segment

Price: Call for pricing

Used to encourage release of the pelvic segment during the Constancy Series and high charge breathing exercises.

IBP Sexual Diagnostic Chart

Price: Call for pricing

Balance Training Cushions
To emphasize the experience of core self after the Constancy Series

Price: Call for pricing

For experiencing the extraordinary centering and balancing power of core self.

Buckwheat Support Cushions
For facilitating pelivic rocking during the Constancy Series

Price: Call for pricing

Placed underneath the pelvis to exaggerate and faciliate pelvic rocking.

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