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Body, Self & Soul: Sustaining Integration

by Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD; with Marjorie L. Rand, PhD, and Diane Assay

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Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: Humanics Ltd Partners
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0893340820
ISBN-13: 978-0893340827
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A broad spectrum of ancient Eastern and modern Western approaches to psychotherapy and human evolution are united in this exciting new implementation model for psychotherapy. This superior integration of various therapeutic disciplines is ideal for the development of a holistic and integrated body-mind approach to psychotherapy.

Body, Self & Soul is about personal inner growth and the evolution of consciousness -- and this exciting new implementation model helps to achieve it -- Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP): a body-mind transpersonal therapy that deals with the whole person, integrating the body, mind, emotions and spirit; a methodology that can bring about profound and lasting changes. And IBP tools free bodily tensions and release long-held emotions, thereby enhancing mental and physical health. It is written for people interested in furthering their own growth or in helping others with theirs -- an approach to psychotherapy that really works!

IBP draws from many theoretical perspectives including: Object Relations, Self Psychology, Gestalt and Reichian therapies, Bioenergetics and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. What's new is the combination of these ideas, treatments, models and techniques into a single implementation model that is both simple and comprehensive, and vastly more effective than any of the sources they are drawn from.

IBP is a practical implementation model for successful psychotherapeutic practice. IBP's multi-faceted approach cuts through the protective facade that perpetuates emotional isolation and the distancing repetition of habitual belief systems and themes. IBP provides a workable somatic map leading directly to the underlying authentic self.

IBP treats the integration of body, mind, emotions and soul as the natural state of the human being, and works to achieve and sustain this state with an effective assortment of techniques, including: somatic-energetic awareness, somatic breathing & movement practices, pressure points; exploration of specific mental health skills; self remembering; and meditation and self-release. This integration allows for the deepening of interior knowledge, the experience of well being (the "I Am" inner witness experience of core self) and the increase and spreading of finer energies throughout the whole body.



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