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JACK LEE ROSENBERG: Celebrating a Master Psychotherapist

edited by Theodor Itten and Markus Fischer

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Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: St. Gallen: Itten Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 3-9522485-0-9
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Product Code: IBP05
Price: $26.00

An anniversary publication celebrating a master psychotherapist, Jack Lee Rosenberg, on his 70th Birthday.

Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD, DDS, (*1932), is one of the most innovative psychotherapists working in America today. He founded Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) and is the Clinical Director of the IBP Central Institute in Los Angeles. This special anniversary publication presents the story of a pioneer in somatic psychotherapy.

Contributors include: Darlene Basch, Marc Richmond le Bell, Remo Buser, Patricia Curtis, Roman Decurtins, Vera Dunn, Joanna Dutoit, Rahel Eidenbenz, Gerry Fewster, Markus Fischer, Robert P. Fischer, Mark Froesch, Tom & Lyn Davis Genelli, Linda Graedel, Daniela Hemmi, Jan Inglis, Theodor Itten, Heidemarie Krolak Itten, Rosmarie Kaufmann, Monique Wulkan Koch, Petra Woschny Lautner, André Lilchter, Thomas Meyer, Peggy Miller, Beverly Kitaen Morse, Lauree E. Moss, Tamas Németh, Marjorie Rand, Andrea Rosenberg Juhan, K.C. Rosenberg, David Sawyer, Surabhi Schaubmair, Zoe Paradomenaki Schillat, Heide Schorlemmer, Riley K. Smith, Verena Studer, Conchita Weaver, and Heidi Werder.


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