A Body-Mind-Spirit Path to Wellbeing and Resilience

Awaken Your Authentic Sense of Self.

Discover Your Trustworthy Inner Voice.

Experience Clarity, Wisdom, and Love.

Develop new patterns for lasting change, for body-mind health and wellbeing.


Our Mission

Integrative Body Psychotherapy teaches a practical way to come from your inner core of wisdom. It has been developed over the past 40+ years by master Los Angeles therapists, Drs. Jack Lee Rosenberg and Beverly Kitaen Morse.

How We Can Help

The IBP Training Program is offered to mental health and allied professionals in countries around the world. Online training programs are developed for personal growth and professional study.

International, highly trained IBP professionals are available for psychotherapy sessions and personal mastery coaching.

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You’re in Good Hands

IBP Mental Health Professionals are highly trained. To become certified, IBP professionals must complete a lengthy training program and engage in extensive personal IBP therapy with a training therapist. Many IBP therapists complete an additional specific training program to become IBP teachers.

“Studying and teaching Integrative Body Psychotherapy gave me a language to describe my experience (abandonment), my defense coping mechanisms (agency and character style) and a solid strategy with which to manage them: good parent messages, breathing and other self-agency tools. The ability to manage abandonment and inundation most of the time has been a revelation.

Most significantly, IBP gave me hope that I am lovable and relational. Happily, I met my beloved after I was relational and receptive. Teaching IBP has enabled me to embody and share this wise knowing with students and clients. I have taken the leadership skills honed in teaching to my forensic and clinical social work, my personal and volunteer work. Thank you.”

Angie Mason

Are you ready to wake up, show up and connect to your authentic wellbeing?

Discover your Self. Connect with your authentic and creative flow. Live in your authentic and creative flow, the state you recognize in moments of wellbeing and inner flow.