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Body, Self, and Soul: Sustaining Integration 

From “A wide range of ancient Eastern and modern Western philosophies are connected in this exciting new therapy. Free your bodily tensions and release long-held emotions, enhancing your mental and physical health. Rosenberg’s Integrative Body Psychotherapy helps develop both personal and internal growth, focusing on the whole person — the body, mind, emotions and spirit.An integration of various disciplines, this approach is ideal for professionals looking to develop a holistic and integrated philosophy of health. This book helps both professionals and lay readers learn:-The basic tools of Integrative Body Psychotherapy-Segments of the body, and how they work together-The stages in development of the self-The physical/energetic level of sexuality-The intra-psychic level of sexuality-The interpersonal level of sexuality-The transpersonal experienceWhat readers are saying about this book:The authors’ broad perspective is a welcome relief from the narrowness of most self-development systems. Body, Self, and Soul is thoughtful, practical, and very well informed.

— Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen Institute”

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The Intimate Couple: 

Reaching New Levels of Sexual Excitement Through Body Awakening and Relationship Renewal

A perceptive, practical, intimate guide to the psychological and physical techniques that will put the fire back into any relationship, by two of America’s leading experts on sexuality.
Lavishly illustrated with tasteful photographs, filled with body-enlivening exercises, specific techniques for heightening sexual pleasure, and a thorough exploration of the psychological barriers to physical and spiritual intimacy. The Intimate Couple offers a complete and effective program for achieving not only erotic renewal but an entirely new level of arousal, excitement, and sexual vitality in committed relationships.
Doctors Jack Rosenberg and Beverly Kitaen-Morse are internationally known as pioneers in their approach to sexuality, and through their work have helped countless people put the magic back into their lovemaking.
This handsome guide is loaded with photographs, questionnaires, exercises, and informative sidebars. The doctors share their spirit of adventure and discovery, their abounding hope for committed monogamous sexuality, and their practical advice. Whether you’re seeking to stoke the sexual fire of an enduring passion or rekindle the lost spark of ecstasy in a faltering relationship, The Intimate Couple can make it happen.

The Secret to Loving Yourself

The Secret to Loving Yourself

Profound Little Messages to Change Your Life

‣ Learn how your earliest relationships shape who you are today.

‣ Discover why old emotional injuries keep resurfacing.

‣ Build a deeper connection and increased intimacy with yourself.

The Secret to Loving Yourself is a wonderful, refined companion on the inner journey from shame to healthy self-esteem. Its affirmations and meditations will systematically work to quiet the inner critic and rewire a healthy inner relationship that is nurturing, grounding, empowering and inspiring. A wonderful resource for leaders exploring self-leadership and expanding their own emotional intelligence and relational skill. 

—Amy Elizabeth Fox, CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

My Love Is for Always

My Love Is for Always

Profound Little Messages to Grow a Resilient Child

‣ Support children to grow to their full potential.

‣ Messages are energetic with loving feeling tones.

‣ Impart these messages to all the special children in your life.

With enough warmth, nurturing, and attunement, children can be supported to grow to their full potential. These messages are the energetic, loving feeling tones that a parent ideally gives to their child. This book creates an opportunity for you (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) to impart these messages to all the special little ones in your life. As you read together, you are developing security, trust, resilience, and wellbeing in your child.